Click any of these pictures below to get a bigger and better look!

A view from above....

View, after view, after view...

This is a steep driveway...

That's the screen porch on the right.

That's the screen porch on the left.

The beach, dock and lake await you!

There's even a swimming raft....

A look at the cabin from the lakeside.

Lush grounds to stroll.

Lush grounds and fire pit.

The cabin from Woodberry Lane.

Cabin from the hilltop.

Rear view of cabin.

This looks like the planter on George's deck!

The private beach.

The beach looking north.

The beach looking south.

Beach, dock, lake and trampoline?

Beach. dock and boat.

Lake and swim raft.

The cabin from the beach.

A beautiful cabin on a beautiful day!

In the woods again!